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Do you or someone you know need assistance with overwhelming medical expenses due to illness, accident or tragedy?
FriendSupport is currently accepting applications from people in these circumstances needing financial support.
Please download an application now and send it in! Read more below.


FriendSupport was created in an effort to support friends and loved ones across our country and in our local communities who are dealing with illness or tragedy. Often these events cause great financial stress and through the love and support of others, the burden can be easier to bear.

FriendSupport is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide an avenue of communication through its website, events and fundraisers where individuals and families can connect and support their friends and loved ones dealing with illness or tragedy. Specifically, our mission is to:

  • Distribute funds to individuals applying for financial assistance in the following situations:
  1) Extraordinary Medical Expenses due to illness or tragedy;

2) Lodging Accommodation Assistance where spouses or immediate family members are incurring overnight stay expenses traveling to a medical facility where the patient is staying or receiving services outside 100 miles of the family residence; and

3) College Scholarship Awards to students whose parent or family member has experienced illness, financial crisis or a life-changing event.

• Provide free web pages or websites to those in need or to support groups; and

• Coordinate financial contributions, volunteering efforts and in-kind donations from individuals, families and companies.

FriendSupport will continue to host fundraisers and develop its website so that this mission will be accomplished. Thank you for your support.

It's simple whether you use our site or not: pray, volunteer to help, and give. Please email to discuss how we can get possibly assist you with the process of raising funds for your loved one or attend one of our upcoming events. Help us spread the word. "It Only Takes a Spark..."
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